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So many have reviewed this strain, but I'll add my two cents for medical patients like myself. Blue Dream is Numero Uno. It is the best! Blue Dream is everything I've wanted out of my medical cannabis experience. I'm a sensitive type and I don't like to be high. I have migraines and anxiety for which I want to reduce prescription medication use. BD has allowed me to do that. Honestly, before Blue Dream, I had just about given up on cannabis as medicine because I'd had too many bad experiences from even tiny amounts. To me BD feels like taking a Xanax. It's just mildly-sedating without being panic inducing, and when I vape at the sign of a migraine, it will take it away. Sometimes it takes a few hours, but it almost always works (when it doesn't work, I bring out a bigger gun like Purple Arrow). BD made me realize that clear hybrids might be the best choice to deal with my issues and I've focused on them ever since. Note that the grower makes a huge difference (as always). First time I had it was from a very reputable grower but I guess it was a bad batch because I got no benefit from it. Later i saw Phat Panda had some BD (I've always experienced great product from them) and I tried it - totally different positive experience. After that, I wanted to start stock piling it!

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