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I medicate daily, about two hours before I go to sleep. My goal is to dissociate from my workday; I want the stress, anxiety, and hypervigilance to stop, otherwise I am destined to a night of repeating nightmares. Most frequently these nightmares involve some sort of futile attempt to finish a task. I try, I fail. I try again, I fail again. All night long. For me, success in medicating is determined by how well I break this cycle. I always use a Storz & Bickel Mighty to vape bud at 200 degrees C. I put about half of a cartridge in, which is good for about 8-10 small hits. I track the high using the Releaf app, about 5-6 sessions per strain. Captain’s Cake gets the job done: stress, anxiety, and depression drop within 10 minutes of my first hit. By the time I am done vaping, I feel enveloped by a supersoft, warm feeling like I’m wearing my favorite hoodie and sweats. In one particularly effective session I felt like the hoodie was soaked in warm butter, if that makes any sense: a lovely virtual embrace. My Releaf notes remind me that I feel focused, chill, and happy. Within 30 minutes I get the munchies, which are hard to resist but if I have a small dinner and focus on light foods I can avoid overeating. This strain gets me to the isolated, secure place I am after. The effects last about 2 hours, and the comedown is mild and pleasant. While high I have no interest whatsoever in conversation (I spend all day in constant communication). I’d rather focus on TV or music and get entirely adsorbed by it. The wider world goes quiet, I drift off to sleep, and sleep soundly. Even 6 hours of sleep is enough for me to wake feeling relaxed, rested, and ready to dive into another hectic day. I haven’t slept this well in 20 years or more. I give this strain 4 stars because it lacks the one additional effect that would make it perfect. I am always calm and chill, but never reach any lightness of mood. Not even a chuckle most of the time. But I could live in the Captain’s state of mind 24/7 and never complain.

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