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HELLO! I am the Chronically Acclaimed Comic Reviewer! OHHHHH MANNNN! where do I begin with this strain? CHARLIE SHEEN AKA TIGER BLOOD, LETS START with the look. I can only describe it as a perfect looking bud, nice compact and dense, light in color with orange hairs nicely covered in beautiful trichomes. OKAY NOW lets get to the smell because even though they say you cant judge a bud on its smell, I appreciate a nice "dank" smelling bud. I opened the lid to the jar to immediately be assaulted by a diesel-ish potent gasoline smell. I assumed that it was a relative of the Green Crack strain but I thought for sure it was more Sour Diesel in family genus (very surprised it was an OG kush and Blue Dream strain). OKAY NOW THE GOOD PART, Tastes mmmmm mmmmm good! Tastes like it smells "chemically" like a Diesel strain or Green Crack BUT still leaving a bit of sweetness on the back of your throat (for like the first 5-7 hits before it gets all resiny tasting) after the initial chemically taste you get that woody taste they describe. FEELING WOW WOW WOW!!! I have to say the feeling kicks you hard and fast hitting the head VERY indica strong (like a green crack headbands kinda feeling) it makes sense that this is a Blue Dreams hybrid strain because the sativa feeling is very similar in that it feels like tiny little strings are attached to your body being pulled up in the slightest way. I have to say CURRENTLY this is my favorite strain I normally don't get a strain more than once or twice because I like to keep trying new strains BUT I have come back to this strain 5-7 times because it is the most consistent high I have experienced. I like to use 'onies' when I review a strain because I like to smoke less and get the same high which I get EVERY TIME. This is a very energetic high that I would recommend for a day smoke or a "wake n bake" it doesn't have an exhausting come down like most strains and keeps you alert. Great for going on a hike or smoking right before going to the gym. I would say this is a great strain for Anxiety ADHD NOT for insomnia 10/10. For more reviews just look for ChronicComic reviews here on Leafly OR go to my blog at chronicallyacclaimed.wordpress.com THANKS hope this has been educational and informative. -Chronically Acclaimed