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A very good, strong buzz with a flavor and aroma to match. This bud (grown organically) has a very strong earthy and musky smell that has something extra on the low end, like a deep dank musty basement or cellar that has been sealed up for 40 years...but in a good way! The buzz is a very awake and AWARE, a life-affirming, mood-lifting head high that also RELAXES the body, but does not necessarily lead to sitting on the couch. I found myself sitting on the front porch drinking a Sam Adams Oktoberfest yesterday afternoon, soaking up the sun and feeling perfectly CONTENT, with no negative thoughts whatsoever (very Zen-like)....I was completely in the PRESENT moment, taking notice to the sounds of nature, and watching the wind blowing through the leaves on the trees and through the blades of grass. Also inspired me to think about CREATIVE home renovation ideas. Awesome medical-grade here and I would strongly recommend for people suffering from high anxiety or stress. This bud reminds you that everything is ok....your anxiety is just a creation of the mind. Only negatives for me are waking up feeling a little hung over with bad headaches if used before sleep...a better daytime strain for me