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Avatar for Blaizze050687

I am writing this review, baked as heck, and I have to admit that this is the best flavor profile I have ever smoked in regards to fruit/citrus. Upon opening the package you are struck with an aroma, that is a cross between fruit cocktail and oddly enough floral sweet. I purchased my green as a 1g flower, and smoked 2 bowls, between which I also washed a load of dishes. Upon smoking ( I use a 6" glass pipe), I first noticed the aroma again, pungent citrus and sticky sweet flavors. The taste was similar: Strong citrus and fruit cocktail sweet. During exhale it tasted strongly of almost a pineapple. Effects wise: This is a very heavy hitter, it takes a couple of minutes to catch up to you, as you smoke, so watch how much you partake in. Very Euphoric, uplifting, stress relieving, relaxed, calm, at ease. On the other side you feel very stoned classically (unable to move), Tired, slightly paranoid, dry eyes, dry mouth, and dizzy. I still rate this as a 5 star, one if the best highs I have had in over a decade! {Lol I really have only been smoking for like 1 year haha. I was just discharged from the military 😂😎🇺🇸). Either way, this is great stuff, it smells wonderful, and the high is very cerebral. Have a good night!

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