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Avatar for ckoko1369

This is by far not only the best strain that I have ever smoked but it is also by far the best strain that I've ever grown. I live in Sacramento and growing season was supposed to start early just like last season, and last season I planted my plant in EARLY February and it didn't harvest until early November like it was supposed to. So this year I did the same thing with my game changer and all of a sudden in April it started budding up, after only growing for 2 weeks, so 2 months into growing it I noticed that I had planted it too early and it was just starting to bud in some areas and it was only about 2 1/2 ft tall so I immediately found a spot to clone it so that I could grow this strain until its ready to have a bigger harvest in early November. long story short, this strain is also a good yielder as this lil not even 3 ft tall indica dominant strain produced 3 ounces! I can't wait to see how much I get in November since this 1 has been growing since April. The quality of the bud had owners of dispensaries blown away too. I've never grown bud even close to this good of quality, it was grown outdoor and once it was done harvesting, everyone I sold it too thought it was indoor hydro just given its presentation. big, dense, heavy, easy to trim buds, shades of purple all over, more of a grape smell than grape ape, grape kush, purple urkle, GDP, or any other grape smelling purple strain in existence, and tasted even better, all the while covered in crystals, and more potent than any top shelf strain indoor and outdoor that I've ever tried from at least 8 different dispensaries in Sacramento, 4 in Oakland/Bay Area, and at least 5 in Washington. I truly surprised myself that I was capable of growing something this good, but I think it all had to do with how good game changer really is.