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I decided to visit a local dispensary here in Denver. I am not from this area and haven't smoked in over 7 years. I am a normal individual working a well paying job, but I have serious stress and anxiety issues that I refuse to go get drugs from the doctors, so before I went back to my state I decided to give it a shot. I told the budtender what I needed (Something that is energetic and has stress relief) he gave me the Golden Goat (I'm like wtf is a golden goat..)I rolled up a joint and decided to walk to find a bus stop. Before I knew It I was jamming to some Father John Misty radio with my Hotel programmed into my GPS. I ended up walking about 4.5 miles back to my hotel in the snow and never felt more uplifted and stress free. I came back and dove right into some snacks.(Man food never tasted so good) After about 2 hours the feeling was wearing off, but yet... I felt normal.. a normal I have never felt before. No stress, no worries. I jumped on my laptop and knocked some work out... then I got bored and went back out and smoked some more. I smoked another joint.. ended up walking in the snow some more and was noticing the slightest of details in things. It has now been about 3 hours since I last smoked and I feel no high except.. my stress is gone and my body is relaxed. Still fully functional.. ? No dry mouth.. no headache.. I rolled up in some "organic hemp" rolling paper and there was no burn in the throat. It was cold and I had to keep hitting it to see if I was actually inhaling because I thought my breathe was smoke. Nope..I was inhaling it just didn't hurt. Something must have changed in the weed over the years, or this is just what real weed is about. Why is this illegal again?I just rolled my last joint and what might be the last joint for several years to go come. I'm hoping that this can become legal on the east coast, so I can become a functional person without all the stress and anxiety.. I'd love to see the world with these glasses on everyday.. its so beautiful. I'll pass on the Benzos.. and SSRIs.. I'm smiling when I write this because it's so beautiful and sad at the same time that I cannot participate... One love my friends and keep this going. Spread the word about this beautiful plant. Its our time.

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