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Tranquil, friendly, and superbly happy trippy dippy love strain. Goes in lightly and floral. Lavender and lemon, touch of rose petal. Sweet come-up, you won't stop smiling. Great body high, waves and tingles down the spine and in the thighs and knees. Definite pain relief. Auditory intimacy. visionary and trippy if you want it. And yet surprisingly functional. While it leans heavily towards the indica side, I could think, work, cook, walk around just fine. Not typical indica in that regard--easy daytime strain to just mellow and love life. Instant sunshine no matter how dark it is outside, literal and figurative. Fabulous anti-depressant medicine, with the only side effect being super dry eyes. Have eyedrops ready and take the journey that is Green Love Potion. Oh, and guys? You will get a boner with this one.

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