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Avatar for the420mon

This strain is literally the child of Harlequin. I see nearly zero differences between them, which is NOT a bad thing. Harlequin gives you a nice pleasant and mild body and VERY mild head high. Harle-tsu (or harley sue/harlesue/harle sue) is cross bred with Sour Tsunami and Harlequin. This makes for a unique mix. Not only do you get the laughs associated with Hq, you get a strong body sensation as well, from the sour tsunami. The head high seems to hit a bit harder with this over harlequin, but honestly it's a VERY pleasant head high and non-obtrusive. It makes you very happy and uppity and giggly, while giving your the "shifty eye" syndrome( when you break your attention from one thing to another and your head feels like it's catching up and when it does you're hyper focused on something else)..I guess you could call it "dizzy" but not spin dizzy I dunno just don't drive after smoking this strain(or any strain for that matter, that's just dumb. You will enjoy the small head high that it gives you, and you will LOVE the intense yet soft body high you get. Dry mouth is legit with this strain though and the only draw back...You get like "I have nothing to swallow" dry mouth. The taste is magnificent. To me, harletsu and its associated strain(harlequin) has a very smooth and rich piney flavor...Almost like someone made a tootsie roll vanilla flavored with pine. Weird I know, but it has an almost "creamy" taste to it. It's amazing and smooth and not sharp or "bite-y" (as I like to call it) as most other strains. It goes down very easy, and the exhale is amazing as well. It isn't ever a "top shelf" grade, it's typically mids...But I honestly believe harlequin and harletsu are top shelfs with mid price. Maybe why they are and have been a favorite for so long. The only things that are top shelf are the purps/Kush and OG's...That's it..Nothing else. But I'll be honest, the high from this strain is leaps and bounds, in my opinion, above most top shelf leaves. Get this strain, you will not go wrong. I just wish Harlequin and Harletsu are found easily and often, but never really are :/ Which makes me sad. So if you find it, buy a gram and try it. After you're done trying it, go buy more, because you likely will.