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Huckleberry and Blueberry Skunk are remarkably similar even though they are very obviously different strains as you can tell from the nugs. Blueberry Skunk nugs are huge and incredibly dense and bright green with orange hairs, Huckleberry is almost purple, small dense nugs. Huckleberry hits much like Blueberry, straight to the head, but there is more cerebral effect, and its much, much tastier. both incredible buds that I don't regret getting. I'm not sure. but it seems like the Huckleberry has a higher ceiling than the Blueberry, though the Blueberry Skunk has a much stronger "headband" effect. I wish I had a way to afford more of this stuff so I could give a more nuanced review. I also can see why its called Huckleberry. It gives a kind of old-timey feel as if you're floating down the river on a crudely constructed raft while conversing with Tom Sawyer. It's a good feeling, very relaxing and stress relieving. Conclusion: some incredibly dank bud that puts on a nice gentle trip as you float with the high. It's strong, very strong bud. I wish the scale had more range than 1-9, so I could show the variations between the various strains I consider to be 9's, they aren't all the same, they are all unique.