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*Note: I mix this strain with "ACDC" which is a 1:25 ratio of THC to CBD to help from having a bad trip and I vape it out of a Pax. This strain is perfect. It is hands down the best high I have ever had. It wasn't influenced by getting high with my friends or having an experience or anything. I sat at home, ate dinner and watched a movie.....and yet it beat every strain I have ever tried which include: Mr. Nice, Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, God's Gift, Lemon Drop, Super Lemon Haze, ACDC, Platinum Bubba Kush, Maui Waui, Black Cherry Soda, Emperor's Cut, Black Mamba, Louis XIII, The Hulk, Euphoria, Cannatonic, Death Star OG, Lemon OG Kush, Blue Dream, Each strain has offered me relief in different ways and their purpose has differed depending on what I need it for. I am diagnosed Type 2 Bipolar. I am also ADD. I currently take Adderal for my ADD and Lamictal which is a mood stabilizer for Bipolar. The Lamictal causes MASSIVE depression and suicidal thoughts. I don't want to go on another Anti-Depressant like I have in the past (if you have been down that road, you know what I'm talking about). My depression has been HEAVY and very painful physically as well as mentally. I have been looking for the right strain for a LONG time and finally....FINALLY....this is it. The euphoria I feel on it makes me feel like the good old me before I started taking pills....I feel amazing without the downfalls of mania. In a span of 30 minutes, I went from a crushing headache, having crying fits and suicidal thoughts to being the happiest I have been in months. I was totally removed from my dark depression and into a place that not only put life into it's proper perspective but allowed me to experience the highs I used to feel. All the weight melted away and even though my night was super mundane, it was a perfect night by myself. Another thing to mention is that I have ALWAYS considered myself an indica guy. I am EXTREMELY sensitive to weed (anything that starts with a super, king, platinum, etc. or ends with an "OG" is always a bad time for me. I had a terrible trip on "Blue Dream" and even threw up when smoking the strain "Euphoria". Sativa's have been brutal to me!). But Lamb's Bread is it! Look, if you are looking to have some crazy trip, there are plenty of other strains out there that will give you just that. I legitimately use weed as a medical purpose....which is why I am writing this to everyone. If you suffer from Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar or ADD, this strain is perfect. Look no further. It's clear enough to focus and carry on conversations easily but not so clear where it almost becomes harsh. The first half of this high is mostly head high....but the second half....wow....what a body high! I felt AMAZING on this. No headaches like Girl Scout Cookies, Super Lemon Haze, etc. can bring on. The first half is energetic and the second half has a small sleepy effect. Could have been cause it was getting late...but amazing that I have the option of smoking a sativa at night and being able to go to bed on it if I want! I can't recommend this strain enough! The only other strain that comes close is either Maui Waui or Mr. Nice...but even then they don't even compare to Lambs Bread!

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