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Smoke Report Intrto- LVPK is the best overall strain I have smoked to date, for one major reason. I am a daily smoker and one of the most important qualities for a strain to have is potency over time and quantity. I gain a high tolerance to the majority of strains I smoke after about a quarter ounce, so any strain I can smoke an ounce of and it still gets me baked really stands out. I have smoked lvpk now for the last 6 months or so, and it still gets me baked as a cake. Smell- This strain smells like Afghan Hash, Floral Purfume, and a slight skunkyness. Taste- Taste Floral, Fruity, and Hashy Look- It has dense nugs that turn lavender on the tops and tips. The nug sturcture is indica but crowns out. The Frost can cover all the way out to the medium fan leaves. It gets just as frosty Tom Hill's as Deep Chunk. The bud grows golfball to baseball size tops. the BEST part though is the nugs from the bottom of the plant are dense as the ones on the tops which is also very rare. High- The high is very strong, and it is a hybrid feeling high. At first this strain is so strong that most people wont move for about 2 hours, but not because of couch lock. The strain can actually get overwhelming in visual and body effects for even experienced smokers. Once I got a little used to it, I started to move around more. I always end up listening to about 2 hours of music everytime I smoke it. The best way to describe the feeling of this strain is "Euphoric Visual Comfort" It makes me feel like the universe is perfect. Summary. This strain is the only strain I would ever give a 10.