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Mexican strains have bad reputation because of the brick method which causes degradation on the quality and also because it contains seeds but yesterday I went to visit a friend in his restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I was telling him how good Marijuana was in Czech Republic and how it was much better than Mexican Brick Weed. He told me he had some really good Mexican Land Race Sativa grown in the mountains of Puerto Vallarta in the State of Jalisco, it is a tropical jungle next to the sea, it is a land race though I don't know if it is Oaxacan or something from the State of Jalisco, I don't think it's Acapulco Gold, I've tried Acapulco Gold and it is hallucinogenic. He told me, "Before, there were many dealers, now the big cartels eliminated them all and so now they supply the same weed, they take the best and send it abroad and leave crap, but I was able to get a hold of some producers from the mountains, this is very good natural stuff grown with tropical sun and super fertile jungle earth." I thought it would be garbage compared to the Hybrid strains and the "Cup winners" and stuff like that. When I was in Europe I was having problems finding good Sativas that would make me laugh until I discovered Durban Poison which became my favorite. But compared to this Mexican weed I smoked everything else became garbage: First of all, it was soft on the throat and lungs, we smoked it from a joint and it had an earthy smell/taste, no skunk or anything else, just earth. The effects were amazing: I couldn't stop laughing, I was crying of laughter for hours, very heady, yet somewhat clear-headed, the effect was felt on the head and stomach, my mind wasn't fucked up but also not as clear-headed as Durban Poison. It was also very friendly: 0 Paranoia. The laughter came immediately after a few tokes and the effect settled happily and comfortably, it never climbed, never escalated to something scary and uncontrollable: It stayed in the right mood for more than 2 hours. It also gave lots of happiness and creative thinking, no hallucinations compared to Acapulco Gold. Also: no dry mouth, no particularly red eyes, no headache, no paranoia. Let me repeat: no dry mouth or lips which is very strange, I had never experienced something so good and in the end after 3-4 hours you feel really sleepy and you sleep for hours, all natural! And it always felt so natural, like a natural connection to mother earth, now it seems to me as if anything that is hybridized feels slightly toxic and harmful compared to this. In fact, I think the whole point of hybridization is to produce fast high-yielding harvests adaptable to indoors and cold climates but in reality their quality and effect is just marketing, nothing compares to this, I swear. I'm sending some seeds to a friend in Czech Republic but this stuff is not meant to be cultivated indoors: they take 4 or 6 months to harvest! Legalization now!