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Name: POPCORN KUSH (exclusive) Dispensary: Holistic Pain Management Institute (HPMI) Grade: A- Type: Indica (close to 100% Indica) Lineage: n/a Price: $20/gram, $60/8th, $110/ quarter, $350/ ounce Looks: Dense and chunky; light green with red-orange hairs. As the bud is broken up, kief will fall everywhere! Caked in trichomes. Smell: Buttered Popcorn! This stuff is no joke when it comes to the name. Savory and delicious, recommended for the true connoisseur. Taste: Out of a vaporizer, the taste was very similar to the smell; very fresh popcorn. Unlike any other Indica. The vapor was rich and smooth. Buzz: Immediate heavy body buzz. Highly sedative. The head high was inactive and relatively clear. Classic “Indica” buzz. Great for night time and lounging around. The high was especially long lasting. Summary: Do not pass this up if you see it!