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Very interesting looking very golden like and looks like the CBN shows on this strain it's only redish golden with heavy golden coat over some of the green leafs. This original OG Purple Kush is some of the best I have had. For such a low tested strain the vape is ultra thick very different. This strain makes me feel very very tired. Tested At SteepHill Labs 10.98 THC CBD 0:11% and 0.62 CBN. I love the pain and relaxed effects it has, all body no head makes me go on runs for more than 15 minutes it makes me breath deeply and enjoy the music. I love it's therapeutic effects so blissful great for night. Recommend for Insomnia, bipolar disorder, fibromyalgia, cachexia, anorexia, headaches, pain, stress, cluster headaches, pms and ADHD. Just calm and relaxed Tastes like : Nutty Pungent and a little woody. Smells like coffee sand sweetness.