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Avatar for Kaliskunk28

After growing this strain for 8 yrs now, I've come to know it well. The buds are always a dark green that looks very pale because of the enormous amount of resin. There's a lot of dark brown/red hairs that cover the plant and give an extra fuzzy look to the nugs. The buds are usually round egg sized buds with an Indica look and Sativa feel. The leaves are round/Indica dom with a very strong fiberous quality to them. Break a bud open and you'll get a very skunky earth smell and that citrus/machine oil smell. I always tell people that Snow White must be where all the OGs came from...Snow white is very charecteristic of OG...Basically a 70% Indica dominant White Widow phyno...Premium White Strain...Not a big yeilder though...Grows about 3' tall max(due to over branching) and tends to like topping twice. Around 50g/plant soil, 80g/plant hydro 60days. Taste is a very earthy as well as sour citrus flavor to the smoke...The perfect meds for a Sunday in the backyard gardening, mowing lawn, anything outdoors in the sun...The thc is probably in the 16-18% range, so very strong yet not a knock-out punch... This is the Go-To strain for sharing and passing...Everyone can get behind this one...It's got that dense feel like an Indica, as well as, the light smokable Sativa side. There's a "not too over powering" smell of earth and fruit that is very balanced. Plus, the smoke is very smooth... This strain leaves a very nice after taste of lemon hash after exhaling, and that is what makes it one of my favorites.

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