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The perfect marriage of two amazing strains (Sour Diesel and OG Kush). This is one of the better strains I've seen at fighting off depression, especially sudden bouts of severe depression. If you are experiencing a flare up (homesickness, relationship breakdowns, financial meltdowns, etc.), or if you are in the agonizing limbo of adjusting to or getting off of SSRI's, this medicine has the potential to make the short term bearable enough until your mood stabilizes. This strain has an interesting look and feel. The buds are dense and look like a patch of woodlands camo, dominated by deep dark green earthy tones with hints of lighter green and woody brown hairs. Rolling this around in a paper makes you feel like your handling raw sugar due to the resin density. The smell is less pungent than Sour D, with a more earthy aroma and subtle hints of fruits and candy. I've found that South Bay Healing Center carries the best stock of this around the San Jose area. I've found it to be better than many of the top shelf Sativas that you will find at other clubs that tout 20%+ THC content.