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We get very few Sativas in NJ. Got a qp of this (legit) and it quicky became one of my favs. I love the Sour and Haze familys, and the haze shines thru here. The batch i had smelled like berrys/plum/fruit. The smoke was a strong fruity taste similar to plum,thats over taken by the classic haze spicy/catpissy flavor at the end. The high is a strong euphoric ride that seems to last into the next day. You could be doing a task,hobby or sitting around staring at the wall, you will have a smile.No couchlock or drowsiness unless you smoke alot, and then dont smoke again for multiple hours.Not a great choice for before bed. But if thats all you have, take a nice size rip and give yourself 30mins n a snack, seems to switch into a sleepier high when in a darker enviroment aswell with no light/tv.