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Holy cow. First off I got really terrible looking stuff. It was just really really tiny nugs. If you looked closely they did look very dense with crystals. But otherwise not exactly eye catching. The taste is also not my favorite but that could be my piece right now. But the potency. Outstanding. True a very little bit goes a long long way. Never felt more energetic in my life. Just felt like an energy to just get up and start doing shit. And when you were doing these tasks the focus and mindfulness you had in those tasks were amazing. It's my perfect ADHD drug. I still get a little distracted if I let my brain wander but the focus can be channeled. Euphoric feelings even after the buzz subsides stick around. Clear headed mostly. No trace of sleepy or relaxed in the initial high. Didn't make me too hungry. Effects from ground loosely packed one hitter bowl took a while to come on but when they did it hit fast. Instant burst of energy. After half an hour you start to leave the peak and get into a still energetic but happy feeling. As the buzz subsides you feel positive energy and social anxiety fades away. Not a super talkative weed but the effects are there. Most effects subside all together by hour 4. So a relatively long lasting strain at least for me. I would normally never be this detailed about my high but this strain is helping me write this right now.