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CBD only. I got some that was 17% CBD. Can't feel anything different when sober other then (for me) no anxiety, no depression, no pain. It's a medicine. First weed that me and my partner went back to by more of because we were going through it until we found a reliable place to get tincture from hemp oil cbd. If mixed into a THC strain can cause headache and dizziness. It changes the high you have with your daily a little bit and it can be unexpected to new smokers. Sometimes you don't notice it at all but this is the reason for anything being 'off'. This is really normal info to anyone with a lot of experience with cbd strains. If looking for your mix of cbd it's much better to get a high cbd strain of your favorite daily rather than mix a high cbd strain with your daily strain. Because you don't have the possible dizziness and headache. Everyone is different this is the experience that me and my partner had with it so it's not just me.

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