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Prepare to be swept away. The swiss have a reputation. A reputation for being neutral and peace loving. Who doesn't love the swiss ? This strain is the same way. It will put you at peace and without the adverse or debilitating effects you might usually associate with cannabis. This strain smells like an orange! It is some of the best smelling flower there is for me. The smoke tasted earthy and a bit like citrus. There was almost no throat hit at all. I am used to high CBD strains so I know what to expect. You might not. This isn't your typical marijuana. You wont get alot of the effects for better or worse of most of the pot you see in stores. You won't be " high " . Look elsewhere for that ! The relaxation set in for me slowly and my anxiety melted away. I didn't feel " high " . I felt the CBD slowly soak into my body while my mind remained relatively clear. It can feel like putting on a blanket right after it comes out of the dryer. I was not impaired in any way. I felt optimistic about the day ahead of me and ready to take on whatever came my way. I have a short temper and this strain really helped me get an edge on my anger too. I could drive if I needed to and do all the things a productive little human is expected to. I was eager to spend time with my family. I felt calm and at peace. I would recommend this strain for anybody who suffers from PTSD, Anger or anxiety, Chronic pain or has just had a shitty day in general. This will make you feel much better without impairment. It also tastes and smells great doing it. Swiss Tsunami ( Sometimes called Swiss - TSU ) is a huge relief and will empower you to get on with your life. This along with " Ringo's Gift " will be my primary strains during the day. What a medicinal strain indeed. Let Swiss Tsu sweep you away into a happier and pain free future.

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