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Avatar for lexustap

This strain is nice, nice, nice, all the way around. Gentle on the intake, and I never cough or get an irritated throat from using this strain. I admit I decided to first try it because of the name and I associated it with an artsy, creative feeling at first. Fortunately it's also better than most seeming sativa-dominant strains for me with the pain relief. Wonderful as an antidepressant too, in fact I find myself giggling at the most stupid and mundane things when I'm outside in the yard for instance; even the damn squirrels are fun to watch when I use this. This strain does not ramp up my anxiety either, and I can take life much less seriously so I can stop dwelling on all of the stuff that bothers me like the awful injustices of the world, etc. OK, enough of that. I think the aroma and taste are more gentle than others I've been using lately; it's not overtly sweet, fruity, earthy or skunky, just a nicely mixed balance of these and other things. I get a bit less of the dry mouth than with most other strains I use. Also my eyelids don't get all puffed up on one side only when I get good and lit, which often happens with others (definitely not a good look for me; I am not a pretty stoner, heehee.) Dancing to whatever freaking music happens to come up is fun with this, because my body loosens up and I become this supple dancer; I realize my hidden skills as my own personal choreographer. Then I look at the mirror across the room and see myself dancing, and I laugh as hard AF because of how funny I look. Then I take another vape and try again.

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