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smoked this beauty when I visited Popeyes in Amsterdam,this strain has to be one of my top 3 selected due to the fact the smell was completely out of this world the moment I opened the bag the bud tender handed me i immediately got a strong smell of lavender funnily enough. Once I rolled a blunt i took a dry draw of my philly and felt like I had chewed on lavender,once i waka flocks' that shit every single draw I took tasted like what I'd imagine Megan fox's bath water tastes like seriously never came across a strain like this on my life. Once I P.Diddy'd the blunt I felt as if the entire coffee shop was floating on water or some shit because the whole god damn place was rocking I didn't freak out or anything i just laughed myself stupid in the corner of the shop eating a space cake lookin like doug benson at a birthday party. I was too faded to even think about getting more before I left but truss me if you get a chance to get your hands on this strain jump at that shit and remember don't smoke meth shit will fuck you up boy