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This is an amazing pain strain. From the first hit through the muscle melting onset this strain is amazing. The smoke, or in my case the vapor, is very dense, almost foggy. The sensation is similar to ice cream, a very smooth, yet dense, tasty inhale. At first I was worried about the heaviness the strain would bring. I dont have time for couch lock, and the initial creamy smoke plus the diesel flavor is reminiscent of heavy indicas. I was pleasantly surprised to find the strain to be versatile, it let me drift and space out when I wanted, but also picked me up when I needed a lift. Where this strain pulls ahead of most competitors is in body buzz. There was an almost immediate buzzing in my legs, a sign pain relief is close by. As the body high takes over the mind is still fine, and I am able to stretch and exercise when normally the pain is too bad to even move. I used this strain as my go to post surgery and was amazed at how I progressed. The pain relief is strong, like on a par with OG Fire. Where OG FIre is a sure bet for a nap, OG Yeti offers an uplifting quality that lets you enjoy being pain free.