Acapulco Gold Reviews

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  • “What do you really need to say about this potent purebred! It's THC content is generally through the roof (24%), the buds are thick, sticky and hairy, you get a nice solid stone that lasts longer than most and won't leave you on the couch. For me it's medicinal values are fantastic, arthritis pain and stress vanished quickly. Get this one when you see it because it's not around long and it's not around often! KEEP TH...”

  • “Really enjoyed this strain. It smells and tastes amazing first off. My husband described it as chamomile tea with honey and it reminded me of candy or fruit snacks. Either way it came off sweet, and I think honey actually captures it best. Effects started pretty quick after I vaporized. My mind got pretty crisp and focused and I started getting chatty. I felt like my brain was speeding up but I had no problem keepin...”

  • “For the reviews that are not so impressed or didn't get a great buzz, you DID NOT get the Acapulco GOLD grown for 10 plus weeks that is completely covered in thc, dried and cured properly. It should have a toffee cheesy pungent smell and be so sticky when you break the bud you could peel your fingers.. It is a 3 to 4 hit for even experienced users and has the high sativa with excellent body effects and a euphoria tha...”

  • “Aye Dios Mio! Hello! Its true what they say about this strain, boy does it deliver! Awww Acapulco Gold I will love you and squeeze you and name you George......”

  • “🚀O.PEN 500MG: Wake'n Bakeing with one of my all time favorite Strains!... Good Morning!! I'm over-the-moon High vaping this Amazzzing Oil...sooo ethereal, heady, elevating!... a mind-expanding trippy stone. Fun, Focused, Creative, Sexy!...BODY-MELT, LAUGHTER ALERT!!...starting this day off right! Highly recommend for All manKind!!! ✌🚀”

  • hi2

    “This ain't your grandpa's Acapulco Gold...It's better! Cannabis has come a long way up from the good old 1960s-1970s. Thank you growers and breeders! Anyway, today's Acapulco Gold is a strain that Sativa lovers will enjoy.... Upbeat, energizing, clear headed... One of those strains that make everything seem funny. Gives your brain a vacation. I'd buy this again.”

  • “The sun is now within you. You carry a flaming ball of gas within your body. So, you’re dead. Just kidding. Somehow, your body has become immune to combustion. Now, the sun is your to harness. It radiates throughout your body, providing you with a light warmth. The light rays shine directly out of your eyes. It focuses your view and brightens the colors around you. Luckily, you’ve also converted to being solar-powere...”

  • “I've been smoking for 2, almost 3 years now and this is the best strain I've ever tried! It made me more awake, energetic, happy, cheerful, and even witty/sarcastic. I love a good body high but I don't really enjoy it as much when I'm smoking in the morning or daytime so this one is great as like a wake up call, like a cup of coffee. This one doesn't give you a body high, all of the energy goes on in your head, I lov...”