Alaska Reviews

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  • “not everyday you get to smoke a bud with 29.1% thc and what a bud it is! first flight after two weeks dry was amazing even reminded acid trip little bit :) yet its not getting to the aroused-giggly feeling (maybe its just meh) helps smoothing the bi-polar episodes, mood swings are less swingy and general mood is much better, ppl at work are finally tolerable. the insomnia seems to be gone, sleeping is so much enjo...”

  • “I don't normally give five stars, but this strain from Tikun Olum puts their Indicas to SHAME! This has me extremely uplifted and gives me pain relief. I feel it's a wonderful daytime strain for depression or PTSD. It gets me motivated!”

  • “Most Amazing weed I ever smoked and that includes Amsterdam weed”

  • “Outstanding and likely the best of Med Releaf's Tikkun Olam 15 dollar strains. They claim the genetics are proprietary, but the name gives up the ghost, this is basically Alaskan Thunderfuck, perhaps crossed with their own Eran Almog.”

  • “Got this strain from Medreleaf. Opened it up and first thought was it smelled awful, then after my first toke i realized it smelled like a beef pot roast, now i love it 😂”

  • “that's what i'm smoking right now and it is really strong,but not good if you are using it while feeling depression”

  • “very good strain. one of the most potent sativas out there. leaves you happy and energetic. 70% sativa 30% indica”

  • “Really great strain! Subtle but fun!”