Alaskan Thunder Fuck Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “After one hit I was high. After two I was stoned, but when the bowl was gone, so was I.”

  • “ATF is another go-to sativa that will always have a special place my stash box. In the past, I was prescribed various pharmaceutical anti-depressants for chronic depression, but the side effects were horrible. One made me gain way too much weight, one made me flat, unresponsive and nearly catatonic, and the last one I was prescribed actually made the depression much much worse. Big Pharma is in my past, and canna...”

  • “The following speaks to soil growers only, hydro is not my thing. It is also important to remember that the ATF I am describing here is not Sagarmartha's imitation strain, but the real deal which has been grown since the seventies and maintained by many different heads and groups in and around Northern California for the past several decades: Very high yielding strain which produces chunky, airy nugs whos weight q...”

  • “This strain's name pretty much sums up it affect. I decided to wait a few minutes before commenting and things only got worse. Forgot to breathe (don't you hate when that happens! :) Not a strain to go out in public. This is a strain to listen to Phillip Glass or Electronic Trance. The aroma is what we in the wine world would call 'forest floor'. Reminds me of moss, then a hint of spice . Very unique! This is surpris...”

  • “Holy sweet jumped up sativa, Batman. This has to be the most aptly named strain yet. As powerful and as potent as being screwed by an angry Thor. Good if unique taste, rather a sweet note. Has good legs, at 5 to 6. Definitely worth getting when possible. Extraordinary body effects for a sativa. Get some and have intimate relations with the God of Thunder today!”

  • “ATF I will keep at the top of my list for Staiva-Dominent Hybrids. =About it:= Fluffy nugs, smooth smoke - easier to fill the lungs to capacity. Had an earthy taste, slight bit of a skunky note (though I am sure terpene profiles will wildly vary depending on one's own individual palate). =Medical:= Provides a decent body stone, helps me stave off my IBS until I can come home and medicate up with an Indica. Doesn'...”

  • “Strain Notes: - Very strong, piney smell, even through a sturdy bag; when opened to take a whiff, the entire room retains the scent for a solid while afterwards. Definitely wrap in foil or put in a glass container. - Sticky, dense, sage-green bud, with a fair amount of orange trichomes and small crystals. - Very little keef when ground. High Notes: - Prefer smoking from a bong, as all the effects of the strai...”

  • “If you typically don't handle sativa strains well, this is an amazing exception to the general rule. This is one of the best strains for my PTSD which I have ever consumed, and I know other people that live with the condition who strongly agree. It also knocks out nausea (any kind, be it flu-related, pregnancy-related, period bullshit, name it) in a matter of hits. Plus, it's fruitylicious. Alaska Th...”