Alien Dutchess Reviews

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  • “I am using cannabis to help aid in recovery from a long term traumatic abuse. Since THC is considered the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant, higher THC levels assist me in becoming self-aware and help me with my psychiatric goals. This plant has helped me more than any antipsychotic, anti anxiety, anti depressants, benzo, or SSRI. The mentioned drugs can (and do) work, but the side effects are atrocious. Cannab...”

  • “I bought alien dutchess and it is wonderful! It helps my neurapathy with the 28% thc.”

  • “Found myself just smiling . Very nice motivational feelings came over me. I enjoyed my morning walk from start to finish. Try this one and watch Spring arrive”

  • “Definitely a hybrid feeling, not Sativa. Perfect any time of day smoke, helps me with headaches, nausea and anxiety. Makes me feel happy, relaxed and uplifted and clear headed. Would definitely recommend! Anything with "Alien" that I've tried so far has been phenomenal(Alien Bubba, Alien OG).”

  • “The euphoria and creative boosts are a favorite part of this strain. Great for stress and anxiety which I suffer severely from, after for many prescriptions I found a strain I can enjoy regularly. Wonderful for a sesh or group hang out.”

  • “Very relaxing. Slightly elevated happiness. Didn't give me the munchies much.”

  • “Fantastic taste with calming/relaxing feelings. Great mid day strain that keeps you focused.”