Allen Wrench Reviews

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  • “And then there's Allen Wrench. When it comes to the Wrench, don't flail around with grams: go right for an eighter. You'll appreciate the bag of High Times centerfold buds -- compact, rippled with red hairs and powdered with a dusting of white crystals; this is some of da kind that demands your attention. Don't just snap off a bud and cram it in your pipe, you fucking Philistine! No, stop and admire. Breathe in the c...”

  • “(Very) Novice smoker here. The first time I smoked Allen Wrench, it was a fat joint that put me into a strange, trippy, dissociative state. It was exceedingly bizarre, and probably won't even sound plausible if I wrote about it here. Anyways, I took a shower, crashed, and was fine the next day. I'll chalk that up to being an inexperienced smoker with a super dank strain. The next time I smoked it, I was sure to smo...”

  • “Strain: Allen Wrench (Trainwreck / NYC Diesel cross -- Sativa) THC: 21.64% CBD: 0.08% Location found: KaLeafa Date purchased: 4.5.16 Price: $40.50 for a ¼ ($45.00 with -10% off on longer -20% :( ) Weight: 7.0g crammed into a small container Method of Consumption: Herb Iron and small bong Smell: The smell was the main reason I went home with this strain. It is an awesome blend of heritages. Mexican...”

  • “this strain should come with a warning: not for anyone but the biggest sativa fans. people prone to anxiety may be made uncomfortable by the intensely jittery, mental (as in 'really get into your head') qualities of this strain. in my experience (70+ strains), and being a 'sativa guy' for the most part, I haven't encountered a more energizing, jittery strain. cinex is the closest I've tried, and it's still nowhere ne...”

  • “"You're hired!" "Oh my god! Fuck yes! ...errr.. I mean.. thank you, sir. You won't be disappointed." You walk out the door. You walk towards the elevator. Your happiness rises inside of you, getting ready to burst. The elevator doors open, you walk in, and you're the only one inside. So you know what that means. The elevator doors close. DANCE PARTY!!! *oonse oonse oonse oonse oonse oonse oonse* Elevator doors upon. ...”

  • “It's like smoking a massively trippy strain while drinking a giant red bull. So much energy and quick intelligent internal dialogue. Yet there is a relaxing mental buzz that makes you feel good even through the jitteryness. This was much stronger than I expected and a lot of fun. I would not recommend it for sleep at all. This is for staying up late watching science documentaries and contemplating the universe. ...”

  • “Does exactly what it's supposed to do. I was getting a bit stressed and needed something to calm me down while cheer me up and this was exactly what I need. Everything was great during my high and I was also still productive! Allen Wrench is now my favorite strain.”

  • “Initially, I would have given this strain a lower rating if it were not for the complex taste, aroma, and sneaky psycho affects that almost wrap your cerebral in a warm, comforting blanket. The flower itself was unappealing (which could be attributed to the flushing and curing) yet effective in its yield and the accumulation of keif. I was impressively surprised how relaxing it was though there were no indica-dominan...”