Amnesia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I forgot what I was going to say.”

  • “The bag appeal of these buds is crazy. Lovely sativa looking pointed nugs,which are so crystaly it almost looks furry. The smell is easy to recognise, which a sour, pungent smell. Sometimes the taste is a bit too sour but overall decent taste. The high is long lasting, making you creative, talkative but relaxed at the same time. A very strong smoke some times makes my heart pump very strongly. The only down side is a...”

  • “First time with this strain. Earthy smell and nice dense nugs. Definitely a sativa. Took some on a long day hike and had lots of energy. This strain has one of the clearest highs I've ever known. It takes the pain away but keeps the mind focused on things like conversation and looking at pretty flowers. What I did observe is that I never felt that cerebral takeover- the zoning out and forgetting what I was thinking a...”

  • “Ammo is the BOMB in the UK. its usually only around in the Summer! its pungent and rich smelling/tasting and defiantly recommend for an intense high ♥ #TEAMAMNESIA”

  • “wow...I saw this come to my local dispensory...I follow new strain releases the moment they come out. This way I can learn and sample in a cost effective manner. so right away we look to the name. Imnesia. OK so I'm writing this as free flow thought. You really are like a goldfish forgetting from 1 second to the next. But I think I knew this going in, I can't remember right now. It's brave of me to smoke such an ...”

  • “Here I am with my joint of amnesia. Smoke it the evening, trust me. Start a good film, or a good serie, in a couch or in the bed. Then.... relax. Enjoy the moment of being a potato. In a fucking good way of being a potato. I Love that weed, but only for the end of the day. (Outdoor)”

  • “An uplifting Sativa (like most); it doesn't make you as sleepy and couch-locked as an Indica that is. It's great for stress and even pain (which is awesome!). It does help kick the depressive state I get into sometimes, as well. It has a very pungent smell but tastes earthy, almost like you're smoking a "regular" plant leaf or flower. As a Sativa lover, I recommend this strain to anyone who thinks it may help them. ...”

  • “This was called "Original Amnesia". I only bought a gram. So sorry I did not purchase more when it was available. It is my favorite.”