Atomical Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Atomic Haze Looks: Got a half of this, the buds were beautiful. Knobby sativa foxtails all over with pink hairs and lots of white crystals. The foxtails have a rainbow coloration to them almost,even though they are predominantly green. Smell/Taste: The smell and taste a fairly light,but sweet fruity and pungent at the same time,very smooth. Nothing you will complain about Effects: The looks draw you in, but the effec...”

  • “Soaring and beautiful daytime smoke. I think this might be my third favourite smoke! It's an excellent sativa for people with anxiety, especially social anxiety. It makes you relaxed, easygoing and chatty, but also energetic, very happy with a soothing buzz. I suffer from severe OCD and anxiety with IBS and find that sativa or dominant hybrids work best for me as they stop my anxiety, give me huge relief from the...”

  • “This is by far, my all time favorite! Very powerful yet functional. Made me super focused on the task at hand, and super happy relaxed. Hubby likes when I smoke this because my house comes out of my high 100% spotless. Time to put on some tunes and get to work!”

  • “I liked this strain a lot. Made everything sort of dizzy but in a good way. Breaks apart and grinds nicely the smoke from this always sort of harsh but totally worth it. Would definitely order more.”

  • “Has a fruity/minty flavour at the beginning if vaped, changing to a nutty flavour at the end. Munchies the whole duration. It gets me started off feeling a bit lightheaded and quite sativa-esque with a lot of inspiration, creativity, and clear thinking. The comedown feels relaxed, tired, and hungry. Definitely a preferred sativa-dominant strain.”

  • “Very good. Recommend to anyone who wants to feel that quick high”

  • “Would definitely smoke this one again.”

  • “The strain is very tasty n very good head buzz i will get more soon”