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Ghost Train Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Just smoked 1/2 half of a joint of Ghost Train Haze, and it's definitely got me thinking. I'm thinking that I have a new favorite Sativa strain to pass on to you and my close friends. I say "close" friends because I'm stashing some of it for the "special" times when I want to smoke a very strong Sativa that will pull off the "Stun-Gun" effect on my head while I sit there and think deep thoughts. It will leave you ...”

  • “Dear green crack, I'm leaving you. Because, I never imagined I would, but I found someone better, for me. soul mate. Ghost train haze is everything you had to offer and more. Don't worry though, I'll be back because this dream, this haze, is something most people just wouldn't understand. And the ghost whispers you off to sleep. Without having to have your granddaddy get the purple hammer out. Love. Me. Love ...”

  • “I just received this weed as a late birthday present and it had me rolling on the floor and laughing. My depression was totally gone and i couldn't stop coming up with ideas. this is now my favorite strain of all time. - 10*/10* - smooth smoke - great taste - low smell - hits fast and hard! - lasts a good 2-2.5 hours - totally functional - good party strain”

  • “This. Is. Madness. Seriously. I was first intrigued by this train long before I ever saw it in a dispensary - it won the 2014 Cannabis cup; and, unlike 2015, in which Denver was NOT represented, this strain is a native to Colorado. It's somewhat difficult to find as I've only seen it in one dispensary, and it is rarely cheap from what I have seen from other places. It's entirely worth it. Read on. The first whiff ...”

  • “Ghost Train Haze. This one is a great one because I feel that this weed is very unique and set apart from other strains. When I smoke this, I really want to get up and go on adventures. I feel aware of my surroundings and can even focus very well. But, at the same time, feel very chill and carefree. Carefree is the best word to describe the feeling. You just feel ALIVE. You feel perfect. You'll want to stay in the gr...”

  • “A must have sativa! This was great while walking on a nice day. Energizing, uplifting, and just a bliss feeling. The taste was intensely citrus with sweet earthy undertones. Smelled like fresh lemons under a sappy pine tree (haha) is the best way to describe the pungent aroma. Everytime you crack open the jar you take a big whiff.”

  • “This is one you take an inhale of and say "wow, I need to pick up more before this sells out" awesome awesome strain & the guy that helped me at cannabis nation was extremely knowledgable. He recommended this and blackberry kush, both demolished the pain & both had me grinning like a Cheshire Cat. So glad he talked me into this one! It is a really happy strain, if that's what you are looking for & big on pain relief”

  • “I like to write long reviews but short story, this my favorite strain and is unbelievable for depression. Perfect morning strain. Honestly, this is no "beginner" strain and anyone that has grown this strain right, is in for a ride. I found that as a small guy with a fairly high tolerance (even when I haven't smoked for a while) it even knocks me back with only a bowl or two. As for real beginners, I've seen this stra...”