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Harlequin Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Harlequiin has been nothing short of a miracle for my varied health problems. I am 30 years old and had not done cannabis before. I was researching ways to heal my gastrointestinal inflammation and bleeding, which contributes to most of my other problems (allergies, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, exercise intolerance, etc) and decided to give cannabis a try. I did some other strains before trying a high CBD, low THC...”

  • “Let me start off by saying that I have been terrified of smoking weed for like 10 years now. I had some really bad experiences and have a serious anxiety disorder. I have been avoiding weed and have been sad about it for a long time. Rec weed became legal in my state yesterday and I decided to go buy a gram just for funsies. Even though I don't smoke, I know a little bit. I bought some Harlequin because I knew it was...”

  • “Harlequin is THE strain everyone needs in their rotation(or on constant supply). Think of Harlequin as the "classic" pot. This is what 99% of the bands at woodstock would have picked. IMO I feel Harlequin is closely related to "panama red", which is a very mellow, but uplifting and energetic high, and very happy as well. Your focus is on point with this strain. Now, it's not what harlequin has that PR does have, it...”

  • “I started smoking when I was 14 and had to stop when 22 due to underlying mental-health problems (bipolar and suffer from extreme panic attacks which often result in hospitalization). I've tried smoking multiple times since 22 (I'm now 34) but the result was always the same: 1-2 hrs in the bathtub thinking I was dying and praying for it to stop. I wen't out of my way to try Harlequin once I heard about it, and th...”

  • “This is still the best strain for pain relief that I have had all year. I want to urge all of the growers out there to PLEASE GROW THIS and other HIGH CBD strains for us CHRONIC PAIN sufferers! Thank you.”

  • “I. Love. Harlequin. I recently "detoxed" from prescription migraine medications. I was taking 15 plus imitrex a month. I saw several doctors and they were all like "keep taking them! It's not a problem." What a bunch of crap. The imitrex and topamax (thank god I was only on that briefly) were both causing tons of rebound headaches. That was a few months ago...I'm now back to my "normal" level of migraines. 3-4 a mon...”

  • “This is funny, because this is my second Harlequin review - but this is for the flower form. I use medicinally for chronic pain. I'm getting to be a bit more knowledgable now, so my review will be slightly more informed. So in flower form, Harlequin is thus far my favourite medicine. I take three puffs and get a wonderful body high that just takes my pain away. It's not that I don't notice it anymore, it's that it ...”

  • “I honestly can not say enough good things about this strain. I suffer from anxiety and became a patient to see if marijuana could help some of my symptoms. I figured if I could control what I smoked, I would be able to find something that worked for me. Unfortunately over the last month, every strain I tried, no matter how low the THC content, would cause immense panic attacks and overall terrible experiences. Really...”