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Hawaiian Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Workday wonder. Nice sativa that helped give me a nice mix of happy energetic wakefulness and pain relief. I have pretty high thc tolerance, but have to be careful with Hawaiian as it starts slowly but can pack a wallop! Use caution as it's easy to dismiss the lightness (Hawaiian breeze) of the mental and physical sensations at lower doses. It's easy to do a few extra doses for more intense effect, but the line from...”

  • “A tropical gift from heaven, Hawaii delivers a smooth, happy and uplifting high. Feel blessings come upon you. Great for mental health.”

  • “Wow. I have had this strain a couple of times and my most recent experience was phenomenal. I smoked a very small amount (under .25) and the effects lasted for a long time. This strain tastes very very sweet and possibly like pineapple. The effects include euphoria and relaxation as well as slight hypnosis. Very strong but truly a sativa and you have perfect focus whilst on this strain. One feels very creative and fo...”

  • “Hawaiian is an amazing and tasty sativa with a very mellow head high. stress and irritability become much more manageable with this delicious strain. I've only been able to get it as a concentrate and so this review is based on all of the other strains I've experienced in shatter form. This strain doesn't hit you with full effects immediately but you'll be too busy to notice the rest of the effects trickling in. ...”

  • “Hawaiian Gold is an amazing strain. With its bright potency and its cool calming effects I found myself in an ethereal mountain of relaxation. A great daytime high as well as night time movie strain. I will always find this in my stash jar.”

  • “Solid sativa - very fruity tropical smell out the bottle...smooth smoke with a killer aftertaste. Dab it- go get shit done playa...”

  • “one of my favs, nice smell, nice high. perfect for wake and bake”

  • “A potent sativa, mine was tested at 29.18% THC! It has a very unique smell, like sweet tropical fruit. It delivers a great head high, where it's easy to let yourself get lost in thought...especially early on! I'd recommend it, if you like strong sativas! Hawaiian is one of my favorite sativa strains!”