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Jack Skellington Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A nice mellow sedation without catatonia combined with a very heady high that will open creative doors while keeping the demons away. Paranoia takes a detour as you ride the super highway of intellectual transcendence combined with uber productive creative endeavors. Even making toast will turn into a project worthy of the Food network under the influence of this sweet bud. Appetite seemed unaffected but like all TH...”

  • “Perfect morning and afternoon strain for when u need a boost of energy, or when your stressed out or battling depression Jack Skellington won't let u down. The pheno I smoke has a fruity citrus, woody, nutty flavor and most definitely is my favorite strain, tested at 26.8% from Leef.”

  • “My first review on Leafly! Aroma is citrus and slightly petroleum. Flavors follow suit. Seems to burn clean. Not a lot of lingering flavor. This is a very good "get 'er done" strain! Great for puttering around the house, hanging with friends (kind of gives me the giggles) or working on light-duty projects. Uplifting and energizing. Me likey!”

  • “This shit had me in Narnia. Mr. Tumnus and Aslan helped me along the way.”

  • “This is the best weed ever. My favorite in fact. If you ever get your hands on this SAVOR every moment”

  • “smelled great. Tasted very good and smooth. I enjoyed the very first hit. I had the intention of sharing with people but I'm going to keep it for myself. mwahahaha”

  • “Very level experience didn't blow my lid off but that doesn't mean I don't like it. Some of the higher thc content strains are just a bit to much for someone without any tollerance. Overall very relaxed and enjoyable”

  • “A new favorite by far, Jack Skellington brought me into a sense of well being and creativity. As someone with moderate arthritis, this strain brought relief from pain, but it was still slightly there. If you're looking for a great head high, this is the one.”