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Lemon Pie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Update: Balanced Clearheaded High ! BUDS appear more Indica than it's alleged Sativa leanings. Buds are DARK Green with Yellowish outlines and amazingly enough it has Golden-Orange Pistils that appear melted like candle wax or silk or cobwebs. Their color is literally a Golden like the Sun Orange with a silky sheen...and melted Aroma is best described as "I'm smelling 90's Weed" Kind of makes you dumb (I don'...”

  • “Excellent sativa! Makes you giggly and is an great choice for being in social situations!”

  • “This is a very social, fun and uplifting smoke. The taste is great and the high is even better. I went with friends to look at houses for sale. Thank God we had a really mellow and laid back realtor. I just couldn't seem to stop talking and laughing for just about any reason. This strain would be perfect for parties or just getting out to do things. There is a slight body relaxing element, but the sativa shines throu...”

  • “Lemon Pie is a great sativa... total head high... I looked on Leafly to see what the rating of the strain was and saw a 3.8! How could this be? Lemon Pie deserves a much higher rating! I deal with bad anxiety and Lemon Pie made me relax and I felt completely uplifted. It's a total upper, definitely a day time strain. Great smell, great flavor. All around great sativa.”

  • “Got this in concentrate form and honestly smells damn lemon like, and tastes slightly like lemon heads. I would recommend”

  • “out of all the strains my girlfriend and I have smoked, this one is by far our favorite and it’s honestly the highest I’ve ever been thank the lord jesus for growing this naturally! Kumbayaaaaaa < if you get that you da best!”

  • “I've never smoked the flower but the concentrates of Lemon pie is absolutely amazing.”

  • “I honestly love the smooth taste of this strain. hints of citrus and out doors ( If that means anything ) Very Cerebral in high catagory and it deff makes me want to get things done. Brings out creativity and motivation. Then at the end of the high to do get a very relaxing vibe going. 👍👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥”