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Lemon Thai

4.1| 90 Reviews

What is Lemon Thai?

Lemon Thai is great for those looking for a little extra creative spark. Originally produced by Dutch Flowers, Lemon Thai is a cross between a Thai sativa and a Hawaiian strain. Taking after its Thai parentage, the effects of this strain are extremely cerebral, allowing users to feel introspective, focused, and thoughtful. This strain features a pleasant lemony-mint taste and typically flowers in 10 weeks. Lemon Thai produces high yields both indoors and outdoors but appreciates a lot of space to grow.

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Lemon Thai Effects and Attributes

Lack of Appetite
Eye Pressure
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Lemon Thai Flavors

  • 1. Lemon
  • 2. Citrus
  • 3. Earthy

Review Highlights

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“This weed... Dayum.. I fucking love this strain. All the positive qualities of a sativa yet it was relaxing to the max. No stress, all fun and games. Quite talkative in group atmospheres. I would buy this strain over and over till I die.”

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“Now This is a Perfect morning strain that is a serious contender for overall powerful effects as well as one the most lemony citrous bowl I have come across since the days of Lemon Skunk that I grew in the Canadian West. This 50/50 Sativa Indica Hybrid super tasting strain was bred from Hawaiian and Thai genetics to create this fine Cannabis with surprising force to its length of medicinal effects.”


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