Maui Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I felt like trying something different when I headed to the dispensary. I usually prefer heavy indica or indica dominant hybrids. I asked for a recommendation. He pulled out a few jars and Maui happened to be one of them. Very pungent smell. Beautiful dense buds, covered in crystals, almost blocking the view of the forest of yellow hairs. I headed home after a full day of not smoking, and packed my bong. The f...”

  • “Felt like a strong cup of coffee for me. I was quite up and talkative. The high is very mellow and fades after 2 hours. I personally love it because it doesn't get me stone or couch lock at all. Just a very minor head buzz in the back ground. Doesn't feel very relaxed either. Feels like a strong cup of coffee. keeps u up and running.”

  • “Maui hit me hard. While it is a Sativa I felt heavy and my head was cloudy. Very strong buzz which lasted a while so your highness does become a commitment. Good for back pain, not the best if you are trying to get a lot of errands done however it did allow me to focus on a single task”

  • “Had to update my last review. This strain is not good for pain relief. Initially it was nice, but after about 20-30 min the pain comes back and the high is still there. Now i'm lazy, focus, and the only thing i can focus on is my pain but i'm to lazy to do anything about it. Not cool!”

  • “Although not as good as Maui Waui, this weed takes on a more intense sativa high, but just not as enjoyable in my opinion. I also have it lacking potency, so with its not very tropical in my opinion more skunky with citrus aftertaste flavor, 3.5/5”

  • “mak aleak e lock a loy Thats how you say Good head buzz funny ass strain, in Highrya. . This Bud is an all time fave i had in the early 80s. Hawaiian lineage buds are all good. Fun buzz, it makes me. laugh out loud, or laugh my ass off. GMO OMG backwards. I wish i could smoke a bowl with the entire world! every man women and child a like. Power to the Heads.”

  • “nice fruity, and pretty smooth hitting. good weed for daytime”

  • “Appearance bright green and frosty with a fruity/earthy nose. Taste was fruity and spicy with an amazing head high. Has us zoned out and chilling with mad munchies and has us at pizzeria now... Definitely one I recommend to try out if you enjoy fruity strains...”