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South American Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “In BRAZIL NORTHEAST we have the original MANGA ROSA or "pink mango" used to make the white widow. the brazilian strain has an earthy mango aroma, CABROBO is the land were this particular landrace can be found in its purest.”

  • “fucked me up!!”

  • “Most weed you find in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay are Sativas, very energetic, euphoric. If you grow them they tend to get to 2 meters or more, long flowering, but large colas and the smell and taste is usually citric, earth and pine.”

  • “Equatorial sativas are the Best. No buzz, super heady high that Last for hours and gets you active.”

  • “This is one of the strains that I most like to smoke with friends and get in a party”

  • “this straing will definitely fuck you up, you will get a mind high so strong that you almost start to see shit, also your eyes gonna be dry af (yes, dry). Just be careful when searching for this strain, because (at least in brazil) you will problably find it in street brick weed, and if youre going to smoke pressed weed remember to ALWAYS wash it (if you have the chance hahaha).”

  • “this shit makes me super high, and have a good tasty of mango”

  • “this strain has an super duppa uplift high. I listen to music while high and I started to dance, and the floor seems moving with me. I was very surreal, almost like acid”