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Super Sour Diesel

4.5| 472 Reviews

What is Super Sour Diesel?

Taking after its popular parents, Super Sour Diesel is one incredible sativa. A potent cross between Super Silver Haze and Sour Diesel, Super Sour Diesel knocks out stress and pain while fostering creativity and euphoria. In true sativa form, Super Sour Diesel energizes, making it great for daytime use. New users, however, should use caution when trying this strain. Super Sour Diesel produces strong cerebral effects, which may be overpowering to novice MMJ patients. Familiar users will be surprised at this strain’s introspective spark. Sociable and fun, the effects of this strain are felt upon first taste. Super Sour Diesel’s pungent, fuel-like aroma speaks to the sheer strength of this strain.

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Super Sour Diesel Effects and Attributes

Muscle Spasms
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

Super Sour Diesel Genetics and Grow Info

Super Sour Diesel Flavors

  • 1. Diesel
  • 2. Pungent
  • 3. Earthy

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“I was strain hunting and saw this at a local club, so I decided to pick up an 8th. Tight dense nuggets covered in a myriad of hazy white crystals. Beautiful orange hairs sprout from everywhere. The aroma initially hits you with a gentle sweetness and then your nose is flooded with an electrifying sour lemony overtone, sending a wave of chills up and down your spine. The smell alone acts as an aphrodisiac. Upon v...”

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“This strain does have its day time perks. Keeps your mind ready to conquer the day. Heavy head high with the right amount of stamina to get stuff done. I vape the concentrate with my Trulieve vape pen. Sometimes I get a mild headache if I use this strain too frequently. I try to use it as a morning wake up and switch to OG Kush thereafter.”


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