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Bio Jesus 20.32 THC 5/7/20 Cultivator: Cresco Buds were well cured, but there were many stems and loose “smalls.” A light pine aroma, with other indistinct aromas. Initially, a difficult smoke. Peppery and harsh, diesel, with a sour pine finish. So why? This is one of the few reliable strains that is effective with chronic pain. The high allows for alertness, but can be overwhelming for those with low tolerances. The pain relief cannot be denied, almost a “floatiness”. The THC content is more than adequate, and the taste is something that you can get used to rather quickly. Note: This was tested over months in response to back pain, and it consistently provided relief. Taste:7.0 Aroma:7.0 Bud Quality/Curing: 8.0 Terpene: 7.5/10 High: 9.5 Overall: 90/100 Strain notes: (Gumbo x Bio Diesel) . Indica dominant. Terpenes: Pinene, Caryophyllene. (reported by Cresco) Reviewed by Illinoisacnnabisreview@gmail.com

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