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I will start off by saying that this is the nicest-smelling weed I've ever encountered. It has a very sweet and piney smell to it which reminds me of Christmas. Anyway, I vaped a bowl of this with my FireFly 2+ vaporizer (so around 0.15g) while on a call with a friend and didn't feel anything. I told him that I was disappointed so I packed another bowl and vaped that. I started to sort of feel the high, but it wasn't heavy so I was still disappointed. I was on my bed still chatting with my friend and I stared at the ceiling. All of a sudden, I entered a state of heavy psychosis where I didn't know who or where I was. It felt like I was in another room. Indeed I was paranoid, but surprisingly there was NO anxiety. In fact, it was pretty euphoric. Once I got back to reality(?), I walked around my room when all of a sudden I found myself back in bed, realizing I never actually walked around. It was around this time when another friend called, so I answered him. He was asking how the high was and I told him that I didn't know what in the hell was going on. I said I could travel back in time by visiting my memories. I closed my eyes and he told me to imagine we were playing basketball. It felt very real, but it wasn't hallucinogenic; rather it was more "simulated" in my mind. I asked him where to aim the basketball and made the shot. I opened my eyes and told him I was back. Later on, I closed my eyes and "explored the universe". As I explored, I could see every memory I have represented by large LED screens. I could fly towards them if I wanted to visit them; I found however that some memories were harder to visit than others. I had some fun with this for a bit and later on, my friend hung up. I decided to watch some Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix. The high started to die down after 2 hours or so, by which point I decided to go to bed. As I fell asleep, I felt myself falling and then experienced a hypnic jerk. I didn't find this so scary, but it took me by surprise. I slept soundly after this, waking up in the morning still feeling somewhat sleepy. Overall, this is my favorite strain by far. It provides a very intense high with a nice feeling of euphoria. A good strain if one wants to reflect on their memories and enjoy moments in their past they can't enjoy anymore. However, I would definitely recommend this strain for advanced consumers as the psychosis can potentially be scary if unfamiliar. The high will (or may) creep up on you, so be patient and don't underestimate it.

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