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• I always enjoy meeting a new friend, & ⛽️🍇💣Grandpa’s Breath is no different! This is a pretty pungent one, so newbies may not enjoy this one as much as ‘ol timers, as it’s pretty harsh on both uptake + exhale. Tastewise + terpenicly-speaking, this particular Grandpa is easy on the GDP, heavy on the OG Kush, but painful menstrual cramps quickly dissipated + my joint/muscular pain lessened tremendously—medicinally this gramps is 🔥! Euphorically 5⭐️-intense +👌🏻, this dense bud smells a whole lot better than it tastes (it appears as tho I’m about to upload the very first pic!), so it’s a solid 4.5⭐️ in my book. But if you love harsh and pungent, then I’ve no doubt it’s 5⭐️ all the way, so I highly recommend! •

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