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"Eyeballed it" instead of using my scale, and apparently had a fair amount more than usual last night. I still had a good experience, and still felt quick to relax muscles and do a lot of range-of-motion stretching, but I also felt much more mentally affected (kind of stupor-ish) and kind of agitated. I spent much of the first hour and a half unable to sit still for very long, and noticed I was pacing around a lot, almost as if I was looking for something. (I've had this experience with other strains, but this was a first for me with GQ.) However much I had, it was a very long ride; I was still pretty buzzed after three hours, and even after going to sleep I woke up several times during the night still feeling its effects. I still think the Green Queen is a splendid lady, but she has more power than I knew.