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5/5 would recommend ;) I was (more than) pleasantly surprised by this strain. Talk about top-notch medicine :) For me, it's a fairly light high, as in high levels of functioning is still possible due to a clear head. In fact, this strain made me feel incredibly focused (eg. I had an amazing 2-hour conversation that I was more focused in and attentive to the other person and their emotions than I have been able to be present to do in some time.) I didn't notice a super strong tingly sense necessarily, but my chronic pain was not really an issue despite the time of night (my pain is worse at night) after smoking this. This strain is easy to get stuff done on, too. I see why it is a fabulous day time medication. For me, I'd go with afternoon into evening on this, as it does come down eventually in a super relaxing place ideal for sleep. No major issues with dry eyes or dry mouth. No anxiety for me either, something I can be prone to with some strains. Smells delicious, tastes delicious, and nice dense buds. Easy, balanced, effective high. If you have the chance to experience this strain, you shouldn't be disappointed.

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