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Wow what a tasty strain... I hate to shamelessly plug a brand, BUT, I’ll be damned if anything I get from Freddy’s Fuego isn’t the best thing I’ve ever smoked. I don’t like their price point, but I hate to say it just might be worth it. First I had Freddy’s Kush, straight fire. Then I tried blueberry shortcake, sweet tasty fire. That one might be my favorite. Now I partake of the amazing Gummo by Freddy’s... First the visual aspect is perfect. Dark green and purple foliage covered in frosty trichromes with orange hairs in abundance. Beautiful. The smell is sort of an earthy initial impression followed by strong orange. Cracking open a nug reveals an overwhelming orange flavor. Triggers the salivary glands immediately. The taste is a delicious mild orange... very tasty. I keeping smoking more because I’m craving the flavor. It’s so pleasing to take a nice long bong rip with my ice chamber full and really taste that orange on a nasal exhale. Wonderful! The effect is quite nice. I’m feeling more indica than Sativa in this hybrid. Zero racy Sativa cerebral feel in my opinion. Very pleasant body high. My thought processes feel slowed down. Very zen. I actually slept a straight 10 hours uninterrupted last night with this strain. Verdict: very tasty, sedating, calming, eye catching strain. I’d give this a 92% score. Easily can rest safely within my top 10 list. Spark it up, get a massage, eat a fine meal, make love to your partner and then sleep like a rock. Peace

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