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Hawaiian review

Avatar for PuaManaPakalolo

The history of Pakalōlō (the Hawaiian word for cannabis meaning: crazy or numbing tobacco; paka = tobacco, lōlō = crazy or numbing) in Hawai’i is a subject shrouded in mystery and myth, lost in the aromatic mists of time, similar to the now extinct dinosaurs of the hit movie Jurassic Park filmed here on the breathtaking Hawaiian islands we call home. As those of us lucky enough to have deeply inhaled sweet pungent mind warping tropical Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains like Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Puna Buddaz, Kaua’i Electric, and Moloka’i Purpz can attest, true authentic Hawaiian Pakalōlō is the finest and most exquisite delicacy in all of the cannabis kingdom. Unfortunately numerous Hawaiian Pakalolo strains have followed the dinosaurs down the road to extinction. Hawaiian Pakalōlō is an endangered species, holding on by a hemp thread connected to the hearts and souls of Hawai’i ‘Ohana (family) who have dedicated their lives to preserve the heritage of Hawaiian Pakalōlō genetics, guerilla growing freedom fighters engaged in an unjust war against a sacred medicinal plant utilized by humanity as a medicine, rope, fabric, paper, along with countless other applications as far back as 8000 B.C. Many epic Hawaiian Landrace strains have already gone extinct due to a cannabis eradication program known here in Hawai’i as Operation Green Harvest, as well as the introduction of many non-Hawaiian Pakalōlō strains like ’98 Aloha White Widow who originates from Amsterdam and finishes weeks before longer flowering Hawaiian Sativa strains like Kona Gold (finishing in 10-14 weeks as opposed to White Widow and her expedited 8 weeks of flowering) saving weeks of paying the high cost of electricity in Hawai’i for indoor growers or finishing outdoors before Green Harvest helicopters can descend from the sky armed with automatic weapons to pilfer Pakalōlō cultivated in paradise, caressed by warm loving rays of tropical Hawaiian sunlight.