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This is one of my favorite strains. Perfect for the chronic pain patient who also suffers from insomnia, muscle spasms, and anxiety, this strain does not mess around. It is very strong and you will be asleep in two hours or less. As far as I'm concerned, this is like the xyrem of medical cannabis. My sleep, pain, and anxiety have all improved since starting mmj last year, but I've yet to find anything as potent for nighttime pain and insomnia as lavender Kush. I also like sour grape and purple wreck for nighttime, but those are not quite as strong as lavender kush for insomnia, as far as I'm concerned. Even the smell of this one is strong- you'll smell it in most of your house once its out of an airtight container! It's a nice smell, kind of sweet and lavender-y. I do get the munchies with this one, but a small bowl of fruit, cup of yogurt, or small handful of sweet potato chips takes care of that- so it's not a super strong urge to eat. My eyes get a bit dry, too, but since I'm usually falling asleep by then, its not a problem. I don't know who the potheads who call this strain "weak," really are, but they're clearly not using this medicinally.