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I intentionally sought out weaker weed in the form of Mexican Brick, and after a few weeks I found it. This is more or less the same shit that was commonly found 25 years ago that everyone around me was smoking- super dense buds, seeds, brownish, and well, not very dank. Two solid bong hits to feel it, 4-5 to catch a reasonable high. "Mids" is an accurate description. It starts off with a foggy high and a bit anxious. There's a body buzz after four or so hits, and on the comedown which is after about an hour it's real lazy and comes with a bit of a headache, much like coming down from caffeine. Smell: Nothing special, almost non-existent until you crack open a bud, then it has a hint of dill. Taste: Again, nothing special. Burnt plant matter with hints of dirt. Surprisingly it's not harsh. Never makes me cough. Overall I'd give it a 5. It's probably one third as strong as "medical grade" weed like Blue Dream or Mr Nice, and it's reflected in the price- $45 1/4 oz (non-border, non-medical state)- much like it was for the same product circa 1988. One thing I'd note however is that it seems Mexican "Sativa" has seemingly tipped to the indica side. It's as cheap and seedy as I recall, but a whole lot lazier. Eyes will droop and become dry, mouth will cotton. Smoke enough and it'll get the job done, but probably best left for when you're sharing with strangers or running low on quality nug. But it's nice to have around if you just want a mild daytime buzz for an hour or so.