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I struggled between two and three stars, but those of us who remember landlines most certainly remember this vast variety of landraces. I smoked for 5 years before I knew there was anything else. It's hard to qualify Schwag because it's not really one strain, I've smoked a quarter and not gotten high, but I've also been blitzed off a quarter gram. Mexico is a big country, with a history of cannabis cultivation stretching back over 500 years(not thousands, as one guy said, cannabis came over with the Spanish) with a medicinal history going back almost as far. Any way you slice it, these guys have been growing cannabis for generations, and not just for fiber. I don't smoke it these days, as an adult I can't abide fueling the violence associated with black-market cartel weed, but in the face of changing laws, I doubt it'll be long before Mexico is an international leader in quality cannabis production.

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